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Remember that high-pressure power washers are not toys—they can remove paint from walls and even break pieces of asphalt. When used at a distance, pressure washers are an effective tool to clean house siding, treated wood decks, and even vehicles. To learn more about how to properly use a power washer in Austin, keep reading.

Maintain the Pressure Washer Regularly
To keep a pressure washer in good working condition, inspect it routinely for signs of damage. Cracked hoses, rusting nozzle heads, and broken seals are common after years of use, but should be repaired. It is especially important to maintain the pressure washer if it injects soap or detergent. Always use the correct chemicals in the pressure washer; loading the upstream or downstream injectors with improper chemicals can damage the pressure washer. Clean the washer thoroughly after each time that you use it. Read the owner’s manual carefully before using or cleaning the pressure washer.

Control the Pressure Washer Carefully
Never point a power washer at people, pets, or electrical outlets. Make sure water and electrical connections to the power washer are secure before starting a project. Keep in mind that pressure washing your house can take several hours; taking breaks when you get tired will help you maintain proper control of the power washer. When power washing, start at the top and work downward. When using a pressure washer to clean glass surfaces, use a less powerful spray to avoid breakage. Be mindful of the pattern in which you are washing, as missed spots will become apparent once the water has dried.

Consider Hiring a Pressure Washer Services Contractor
High-pressure power washers are best maintained and operated by cleaning professionals. When used properly, a high-pressure power washer can clean a surface thoroughly, remove stains from a surface, or prepare a surface for painting or primer. When used improperly, a power washer can be damaging and even hazardous.