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When looking for a pressure washing company in Austin, make sure the provider is water restriction compliant. This means that your property will be served without negatively impacting water reserves. And believe it or not, but pressure washing can even help you reduce your water consumption. That’s because most pressure washing equipment uses about one-fifth of the water consumed by your garden hose to achieve much better results. Similarly, if you’re facing persistent clogging issues, pipe cleaning in Münster (Rohrreinigung Münster) offers specialized assistance to ensure your plumbing remains efficient and conserves water. Poor DIY cleaning methods also result in having to clean your property more often, and thus use more water in the process. Why is water conservation so important? Here are just a few reasons.

Low Water Availability
If you look at the Earth’s surface and see that 70% of it is water, it may be easy to ignore the need for water conservation. However, of all the water present on the planet, 97.5% of it is not fit to drink. And while only 2.5% of water is consumable, one third is frozen in the form of glaciers and polar ice. That means the water left for human use is roughly 1% of the total water present on the planet.

Increasing Water Demands
While water resources are becoming more and more limited each year, demands for drinking water are increasing at the same time. A 40% increase in water demand is expected over the next 20 years. Clean water is already not available to 20% of people on the planet, and it will only get worse if water waste continues unchecked.

Expensive Water Waste
On a more personal level, water conservation is smart practice for homeowners and businesses that wish to save money. Inefficient water management can waste hundreds and thousands of gallons each year, which can amount to unnecessarily high water bills. One surprising way to lower your water use is to hire a pressure washing company for your building maintenance and cleaning needs.