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Protect Your Driveway with Power Washing

While pressure-washing your driveway may seem unnecessary, it can be extraordinarily beneficial to your house. Think of your driveway as an extension of your home. Like all rooms in your home, your driveway serves a functional purpose. Your driveway can double as an entertainment space for your children and guess in the same way a living room can. is vital to ensure that it is taken care of. Just like municipal streets, it will gradually wear down from exposure to extreme heat, grease from your vehicle, and repeated traffic. Pressure-washing can prevent structural damage to your driveway. What may seem like an unimportant task can allow your children to race their bikes and increase curb appeal if you decide to sell your home someday. Allied Services Company provides concrete driveway cleaning to Austin homeowners. Our years of experience will restore your driveway and protect it from long-term damage.

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We Can Handle Any Surface

Most residential driveways are made of standard concrete, but some homebuilders use other materials and techniques to construct the driveway. Each surface presents its own challenges, and we have the experience to treat your driveway appropriately. We make sure we’ve correctly determined which material your driveway is made of before beginning the process because each material requires different treatment methods.

  • When cleaning a driveway made of standard concrete we use surface cleaners to replenish and restore your driveway.
  • Cobblestone adds a rustic flair to your home but it takes special care to clean. Cobblestone is rooted in loose field sand so we have to be careful not to alter the foundation of the stones. We will use a detergent to safely clean it.
  • We can use the same surface cleaner we use on standard concrete driveways for pea-gravel aggregate.

Keep Mold and Mildew Off of Your Driveway

Mold and mildew are very destructive to your home. In addition to the aesthetic benefits of power washing your driveway, power washing will eliminate any mold or mildew on your surfaces. Allied Services Company is the driveway cleaning expert Austin trusts.

Power Washing Specialists in Austin


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