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If your business has a fleet of company vehicles, it is important to schedule regular fleet washing near Austin. Your fleet vehicles are rolling advertisements for your company, and if they are dirty they will reflect poorly on your business. Grime can build up quickly on fleet vehicles, so to keep yours looking great, schedule fleet washing at least once per month. Power washer services are most convenient because:

Drivers Are Busy
When you own a plumbing company, a landscaping company, a construction company, or any other type of business with a set of fleet vehicles, your primary focus will be on providing those services to your customers. The employees who drive your fleet vehicles around need time to perform their duties—save them time and let them do their jobs by hiring a pressure washing service to clean your vehicles when drivers are off-duty.

Logistics Are Easier
In order to use a commercial car wash, whether it’s hand wash, automatic, or self-service, you need to physically drive the vehicle to the car wash and block off at least half an hour, and sometimes more, to fully wash it. This is especially true for pickup trucks, vans, and other large vehicles. Since you don’t want your employees wasting their time doing this instead of serving customers, your only option to use a commercial wash would be to drive each vehicle in yourself. Fleet washing from a power washing service is convenient because the contractor can bring the pressure washers to wherever your fleet vehicles are stored and clean them all at once.

Quality of Service Is Better
Commercial car washes are fine for personal vehicles, but special care must be taken when washing fleet vehicles. Automatic car washes are especially unwise since the harsh machinery and invariable water pressure can cause the company logos screened on the side of fleet vehicles to fade or peel. To keep these logos vibrant and intact, a fleet washing service will use low-pressure washing settings. Green cleaning methods are also available for the interiors of the vehicles, to ensure employee health.